Thursday 11 July 2024

Gooood morning all

I've woken up in a slightly more positive mood this morning, so I won't pop my 5-HTP until later on, if I need to at all!

There was an update to my anti-virus programme last night that needed to restart my machine... I'm glad I shut down rather than restarted 'cos whatever it needed to do made it take 19 minutes to boot up and I'd've been dead on my feet by then last night!

I've popped my morning pills, taken the first video of the day and made myself a decaff coffee so I'm good to go until my first carer of the day gets here now.

This blog post is getting a bit long, so I'm gonna publish it and put today's to-do list up hopefully before my carer arrives... will she help me to get washed and dressed today?


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