Monday 23 January 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doig this morning?

I'm doing OK so far I think.  I've weighed myself, put it into FitBit then downloaded, coded and uploaded the spreadsheet onto my homepage.  I've also taken my morning pills, had breakfast, taken the blue bag out and made myself a coffee, so I'm just waiting for my morning carer to come now.

My enabler is due to come at 2pm so I hope my lunchtime carer comes nice and early today so that I can finish eating before the enabler turns up.

I'm feeling pretty icky so I might cancel today's carer so that I don't throw up everywhere.  I'm thinking that I shouldn't have had the open soya milk, so I'm gonna go and empty it down the sink and I'll open up a new one tomorrow.

OK, that's the soya milk dealt with and I've pretty much decided to cancel both carer's and the enabler today so that I don't take any unnecessary risks.

Yep, I've just thrown up so I'm gonna cancel everything today and just dose myself up with ginger.

The virus scan was clear, so I'm just gonna spend the day feeling sorry for myself I reckon.

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