Tuesday 24 January 2023

Decisions, decisions...

I need a drink and/or some chocolate, so I've got a decision to make that I'd love your opinion on.  Do I have:

  1. decaff coffee
  2. caff coffee
  3. drinking chocolate
  4. mocha
  5. tea
  6. mutivitamin tea
  7. decaff coffee and some Hero's
  8. decaff coffee and a bar of chocolate
  9. caff coffee and some Hero's
  10. caff coffee and a bar of chocolate
  11. mocha and a few Hero's
  12. mocha and a bar of chocolate
  13. water
  14. water and a few Hero's
  15. water and a bar of chocolate

I've got about half an hour to indulge before the groceries arrive and I'm a bit dry, so just for a very rare change I'm putting the drinking chocolate to the bottom of the list otherwise I might throw up because of the thickish sweetness, but everything else is a lot more liquidy so would stop my mouth and throat from feeling so dry.


If I'm having something caffeinated then it needs to be made and drunk before noon otherwise I'll be awake all night and a right moody cow tomorrow 'cos of the lack of sleep lol


Over to you - leave me a comment and I'll go with the most popular option lol


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