Sunday 29 January 2023

Mornin' all

I'm still feeling ruff as chuff this morning so prolly won't have any breakfast and just stick to water this morning.

I'm going over to my in-laws for lunch, so don't wanna take any risks this morning otherwise I'll lose my lunch everywhere.

I'm predicting that there will be a demand from someone I've been doing a favour for and this person has already publically promised that it'll happen "as soon as possible" and that "there haven't been any recent updates due to unforseen circumstances".  It hasn't happened yet, thankfully, but I'm predicting, at 5.58am on Sunday 29th January 2023, that it'll happen before the end of February 'cos I know this person's pattern now and it'll carry on being totally about them, then there will be another major disaster then they will say that it needs to be done urgently and won't like it when I refuse this time, but right now I really don't care.

I've already taken my morning pills and I've got a can of ginger beer on the go.  My FitBit is fully charged and so is my phone now, so that's OK.

My morning carer is due any time now and I've certainly found out who my true friends are and it turns out that only one of 'em sticks around when I need support rather than it constantly being about them.

Today's to-do list is gonna be weird 'cos I'll be out for a while today and I've already done most of what I can do with the bigger things so it'll be a short to-do list today I reckon.

I've just started my daily virus scan going and I'm hopeful that it'll be clear again.

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