Saturday 28 January 2023


My monthly anti-virus deep scan has already finished after only 6 hours, including accidentally opening up one of my email progammes which used to mean that the weekly virus scan took literally all night!  Thankfully I seem to have closed it fast enough that it didn't affect the monthly scan, so that's reassuring.  Everything is clear of nasties so I can open up my emails and download them all before my lunchtime carer comes to make my lunch for me.  It'll just be chips again 'cos of going over to my in-laws for lunch tomorrow and I've gotta remember to add another 200g jar of decaff coffee to my grocery order too, so I'll do that now before I forget again.

Nope, I'm having issues logging in so I'll have to keep trying and hope I don't forget to do it... maybe it's 'cos it's a Saturday morning and everyone is trying to do their grocery shop at the same time?

I'm feeling really hungry right now, so I'll have to ask for a slightly larger than normal portion of chips today.

I've just added the coffee via my phone 'cos I still can't log in on my dappy computer for some reason!

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