Monday 30 January 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I'm doing OK so far I think.  I've taken my morning pills, had a mug of decaff coffee, run the virus scan (which was, thankfully, still clear) and sorted out the FitBit spreadsheet for last week.

I decided against putting the rubbish and recycling out again 'cos there's so little of it.

I've lost another 150g this week so I'll be underweight next week and I can't even have the drinking choccies 'cos they won't be in stock until 22nd February, so I'll be reliant on crisps to increase my calories this week.

For some reason, my computer doesn't like my taskbar icon, so I'll have to mess with that when my morning carer has been and gone.

Should I go out and say thank you to the rubbish and recycling bods even though there isn't anything out there to be collected?

I'm hoping that I'll get to speak to one of the professionals about my lack of finances today.  I had an appointment with her at the end of last week, but there was an emergency she was helping with which is fair enough and it got rearranged to today instead.

I'm gonna sort out my to-do list for today then see what the time is like after that and if there's time for another coffee before my morning carer arrives.

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