Tuesday 31 January 2023

Personal, every day first aid kits

I wanna try and come up with my own personal, every day use, first aid kit so that I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs, but dunno what to put in it other than plasters, antiseptic wipes, scissors and painkillers.

I know you can get proper kits from places like St. John's ambulance but they've got things that aren't likely to be used several times a week and they've got gauze and slings and micropore tape and stuff like that in them... I wanna create my own personal one so that it's all in one place that I can go to when I've got a headache or cut or whatever... what woud be good things to keep in them please?


I'm pondering on adding tweezers to the list, but that's not an everyday essential thing 'cos there's nothing that can cause splinters in the house and the same with tubigrip... it's nice to have but not something that I'm likely to use several times a week.

I'm thinking of putting a B12 spray in the downstairs kit 'cos that works almost instantly which is what I want the two kits to be used for and potentially my 5-HTP too, but I'm not so sure about that 'cos it's with all my other supplements atm so I can just pop one when I take the others first thing in the morning, but it's things like that.

I've got a bit of a poorly toe atm that my carers have contacted my GP surgery about so I could just clean the wound and put a plaster on before putting my sock on, then I could forget about it until the plaster started to lose it's stickiness or the pus/blood started oozing out like it did just before lunch... just something that I can grab, use and get on with my day.


You don't go to your doc for every paper cut or headache, you just put a plaster on or take a painkiller and get on with your day, right?  That's what I want this kit to be - a grab what's needed and get on with my day without giving it a second thought.

Any ideas please?  What are every day essentials that are always handy to have without having to go to the chemist every time please?

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