Saturday 28 January 2023

Mornin' all

I remembered not to open my email programmes this morning, but I've been down here for aaages and my antivirus programme hasn't whirred into life yet, annoyingly.

I've made myself a mug of caffeinated coffee, so I'll be weeing for England today lol

I successfully managed to go the whole day without digging into the treat-sized bars yesterday, so I'm indulging in 5 bars now as a reward lol  I've already had a Creme Egg Twisted bar and I'm fighting with the wrapper on a Crunchie bits bar atm lol

My anti-virus programme has just kicked into life so I've started off the monthly virus scan now and I've managed to get into my next bar of chocolate so next up to go down my throat is a treat-sized Dairy Milk, then a Wispa then finish off with a Fudge.

Time to swallow my morning pills now, before I forget, then I'll sort out today's to-do list.

OK, that's me dosed up until lunchtime now and this blog post is getting a bit long, so I'm gonna publish it and sort out my to-do list for today.


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