Monday 24 April 2023



The rubbish has just been taken so I've brought the sack back in and hung it up in its home ready for it to do out again on Sunday.

One of the recyclers this morning said they were never thanked so I'll make even more of an effort to thank them all on a Monday now!  It can't be a pleasant job to do but they go out and do it each week and it doesn't cost a thing to be nice to them and just say thank you for getting rid of the stuff that people no longer want so I'm gonna make even more of an effort to thank them each week now, even if there's no recycling or rubbish to be picked up!

Even if you're struggling because of the cost of living, it doesn't cost a penny to say "hello" or "good morning" and "thank you" but you might be the difference between that person hating their job and thinking that maybe it's not too bad - they are as human as you and me!

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