Friday 21 April 2023

Today's (21st April 2023) lunch photo

Today's carer was worse than useless, even bordering on dangerous, because she was more interested in using her phone than keeping an eye on the beans.

It wasn't until I came out of the bathroom that I realised she hadn't stirred them at all, so I went over to give them a stir before the pan burst into flames (nope, no exageration there) and she was like "huh?  No, I do!" then she grabbed the stirrer off me, attempted to extract the burnt on beans from the bottom of the pan and asked if they were ready.

It took her a good five minutes while I was eating my lunch to even start to make a dent in the burnt-on beans and there are still some bits left welded to the pan even now.

I've had a banana for my pud though, so that's OK.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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