Friday 21 April 2023

Mornin' all

I've only taken my prescription this morning and I'm already significantly feeling how much the other morning pills help me so they will be going down my throat as soon as I walk in the door after I get home from this morning's medical appointment.

My morning carer gave me a hug which is the first body contact I've had with anyone for months on end.  I've also put the laundry on so that will hopefully be finished soon after I finish eating my breakfast, then I'll put the wools on when I get home so that I've got clothes to wear and I won't be so cold either.

I was able to run the virus scan this morning so I've just gotta remember to set it as another scheduled scan to see if it works when I do that (that was the potential solution I came up with yesterday).

Time to sort out today's to-do list then I'll go and make my breakfast I reckon.

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