Tuesday 25 April 2023

Mornin' all

How's things in your world so far this morning?

I've had a pretty late start to my day, but I've taken my morning pills and given myself a few squirts of B12.  I forgot to take one of my FA's last week so the packet is really getting on the nerves of my OCD now lol

My groceries are due to be delivered this morning and I've gotta remember to get onto my ISP again to arrange for the last media box to go, then I can get the side wiped off and the shelves cleared ready for bringing the printer and router down here.

<touch wood> the techie issues have been resolved and I just need to be more patient for the programme to load up now, but we'll have to see I guess.

I'm gonna go and make myself a hot drink and wait for my morning carer to turn up now I reckon.


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