Wednesday 24 May 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I'm doing OK and I'm proud of myself for being patient with my anti-virus programme and not rebooting when it didn't spring into life in the first 5 minutes 'cos it's running now it's just vvveeerrrryyyy ssssllllooowww to kick into action, but it's fine then.

I remembered to clear my caches yesterday evening even though I forgot to put that onto my to-do list during the day - my reminder on my computer saved the day with that, thankfully.

I've just had the reminder come up to take my morning pills, so I'm gonna do that now, then refill my squash bottle and crack on with my day.

Got an interview later on, so I hope my virus scan and backups have finished before that happens  lol


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