Thursday 25 May 2023

Mornin' all

I'm absolutely shattered this morning, but I've got a caffeinated coffee on the go so hopefully that'll wake me up soon.

Today is the first day this week that I'll potentially be going without lunch 'cos I haven't had any carers so far this week so I haven't got washed or dressed since Sunday and haven't had a carer making my lunch since Saturday.  Sunday I was with my in-laws so I ate twice then, but on Monday it was leftovers because my carer didn't turn up, Tuesday and yesterday was 2 Belgian buns a day because I didn't have any carers again and today, if they don't turn up for the fourth day, I'll only be having toast for breakfast.  I bet I'll be invoiced for this week, as if they had come in each day too.

I've only used about £6 of electricity so far this week though 'cos I haven't had any hot meals yet, so that's the silver lining!

I've taken my morning pills, so I'm just waiting to see if my carer turns up this morning now.  Someone from Freegle said that they were going to come over at "around 10am" to pick up some stuff today, but that's what they said the first time too, that they'd come to pick it up at "around 1900" but never turned up, which really messed my health up for days afterwards, so they're on their second chance of three now.

My daily virus scan was still clear, thankfully, so I'm gonna sort out today's to-do list, then make a start on the news now I reckon.


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