Monday 29 May 2023

Goooood morning all!

I've woken up in a fantastic mood for some reason!  Not that I'm complaining of course lol

I've run the first virus scan of the week, taken my morning pills and put the rubbish and recycling out (I brought it back in because the rubbish bag was so light and I didn't want it to blow away) and I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself for how little electricity I've used this month - I'm a few pennies over £55 and with the daily standing charge that's about £70 which is less than half of my monthly budget of £150!

As soon as my first carer of the week has gone, I'll make myself some breakfast, then weigh myself, log it into the FitBit app, then download, code and upload last week's spreadsheet.  Time to get today's to-do list sorted first though I reckon.


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