Tuesday 30 May 2023

My first thoughts on...

...this afternoon's deliveries is that they are both awesome.

The key holder that goes around my neck was wonderful.  A touch shorter than the one it's replacing, but that's no bad thing 'cos it will hopefully mean that it's less likely to get caught up in car seatbelts.  The major test will be its first official outing on Sunday, but right now it's getting the full 5 stars.

The toolkit/box thing is a lot shorter and lighter than I was thinking, but again that's a positive rather than a negative 'cos it means that I don't need to invest in a set of drawers to keep it in.  It's sturdy, well made and the heaviest thing in it is the hammer... I'll have to be careful when I use it so that I don't put holes in walls lol

I've also heard from the emersion repairers that I emailed at the weekend about it not providing hot water on Saturday and they have arranged for an electrician to come out on Monday afternoon to have a look at it and either fix it there and then or provide me with a quote for fixing it.  There's a £70+VAT call-out charge, but it means I'll be having another cold bath on Saturday, but that's in hand too now.

I've cleared my browser cache's ready for tomorrow's weekly virus scan and I've indulged in a tub of dairy-free ice cream so I've got an ice cream headache now and I'm gonna take my lunchtime pill almost 5 hours late, but I'm incredibly proud of how I've handled today!

I'm handling this independent living thing considerably better than I thought I would 6 months ago!

Nah, sod it, I'll have a shower instead of bath on Saturday so that I can try out the shower rails 'cos they are the only untested things now.  I desperately need to wash my hair too, so Saturday seems like as good an opportunity as any to do that too.

I've handled two household things (the emersion heater and smart meter) totally alone and got on top of getting a problem with one of them fixed as well as getting Steve's stuff taken away and I'm eating twice a day now instead of 5-6 times a week like I did when Steve was alive.  I'm gradually building up confidence in myself and I'm finally starting to believe in myself now too.

I can do this, I really can.

Time to give my FitBit a bit of juice before I go to bed now that I've taken my lunchtime pill I reckon.  I'll hopefully be able to spend the rest of the week recovering from yesterday and especially today lol

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