Wednesday 3 July 2024

I think that calls for...

...a very creamy, very chocolatey drink right now and at least a couple more before I go to bed.

I've just put the finishing touches to the last of what I can do for the research and notes for my NaNo/JanNo book, I formatted 2 CDs and saved things on to them then got it all ready to get to my GP surgery... I forgot to sign the letter until it was too late though!  Woops!  Not to worry, it's happened before and I don't think it mattered then and it'll hopefully be the same this time too.

I've officially earnt my reward and can relax now 'cos it's out of my hands until I hear back with all the answers to my questions so I'm gonna seriously overdo it on the creamy hot chocolates now that I can finally take it off my to-do list for the first time since March.

Coming to get ya, hot choccies!

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