Wednesday 20 June 2018

Amanda 1 V survey bods 0 so far today

What a feeling of power!

We've just had a survey company on the landline and usually I let them talk to themselves until they hang up then I keep our phone connected to run up their phone bill for them.

Just had someone on the phone and I remembered that I had a survey of my own ready for anyone who wants to waste my time.  They are genuine questions that I'm genuinely interested in knowing the answers to, but they are phrased in the way that survey companies phrase them.

Didn't even get an answer to the first one before the poor lady got in a bit of a fluster, thanked me for my time then hung up... if I had any sympathy for them then I'd be feeling sorry for her now.

Hopefully word will quickly spread that I'm a survey bod too and every cold caller will get the same treatment so hopefully they'll leave us alone soon!  lol

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