Saturday 30 June 2018

It really must be me that's the problem

M's just had another go at me, just like my father and brother used to so the problem must be me, not them 'cos I'm the only connecting factor.

Well I've well and truly had it now.

I've got enough supplements to kill me and I'll stop eating and just starve to death, it'd make everybody happier if I wasn't here.  That much is obvious.

As soon as Steve's added his stuff to the grocery shopping I'll take mine off then take me supplements upstairs and say that I'm taking them up so that I remember to take them first thing then that's it.

I really have had as much as I can take of M now... according to her, everything is my fault and Steve's totally blameless which is total bollox.

I just can't take any more bullying and it's all M's fault.

I can't meet you on Thursday, C, 'cos I'll hopefully be dead by then.  Sorry.

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