Wednesday 6 June 2018

Back from me sight test now

Just got back from me sight test and the results are in... in the 13 and a bit months since I last had a sight test, only me left eye has changed and even that was only slight, so they've signed me off for 2 years this time so I won't need to go back until June 2020.

Even better though, is that it was all sorted for under £27 even though the new frames themselves cost £85!!

Apparently, because of the benefits I get I'm entitled to £54 to either totally pay or part pay for the frames, the lenses are included and because me mum is diabetic I get money off for that too!  The NHS paid 30p (not a typo) too because my sight is so bad and I need such strong lenses.  Considering I was thinking it'd be £100 minimum just for the frames then another £50 for the test and hundreds more for the lenses because they are so strong, to come out only paying £27 all in I'm really impressed!

I'll definitely keep going back to them to get my sight tests done... they are more thorough than my previous optitian, they've got a huge range of frames and the lenses are included with the frames too which is even better!

Get your sight tested with Vision Express folks!

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