Thursday 28 June 2018

If you are looking to study for free online, AVOID...

I've been sat here for the last 22 days waiting for the DLU to fix their resubmission page.

I've emailed them 5 times and my tutor 3 times but I still can't resubmit and they haven't replied to a single email about it, so I've just sent them an angry email asking them how to pay the non completion fee then delete my account.

I understand that sometimes webpages have glitches in them, but it shouldn't take 22 days and 5 emails just from one student to fix it!  If it does, then reply to that student and give them an extension on their resubmission date!  Simples!

But nope, not a single reply or message on the site or anything so I've given up now.

Unless you can afford to pay the £85 for not completing the course due to THEIR issues with the site, go with somewhere else instead.  I definitely recommend OpenLearn (totally free) and Alison (you just pay for the certificate or diplomas you want if you pass) courses - their sites work and they reply to the emails you send them!

Avoid the DLU site at all costs... they aren't worth your time, energy, effort or money!

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