Saturday 30 June 2018

Tomorrow will be...

Tomorrow we are going to have lunch with our little nephew.

That means that Steve will have seen his family the same amount of times in 7 DAYS that I've seen my mum in 8 YEARS!!

I haven't seen my mum since the end of July 2010 and saw her a grand total of 4 times that entire year.

Steve saw his sister on Monday, dad on Tuesday and Friday and we'll be seeing his entire family tomorrow.

Hardly fair, is it?  I'm seriously considering moving into supported housing closer to my mum 'cos neither of us can drive and I haven't seen her for 8 years despite Steve promising that we could go over and see her regularly TWICE - once when I first moved here and again after my father's funeral.

I'm fed up of Steve promising something and then going back on his promises and denying he'd promised it in the first place.

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