Thursday 28 June 2018

Opinions on dentistry please

I'm phobic of dentists after repeated awful experiences as a child and I've just lost the rest of another tooth despite taking Calcium most mornings.


I'm gonna make another appointment with the nervous patient dentist and ask to have all my teeth out and have full top and bottom dentures.

Far from ideal, I know, but better to have them all out at once and get used to using dentures like I do with glasses than to have one tooth taken out at a time and go through nightmares for the week before the appointment and being absolutely petrified for the rest of my life about going.

It's the same like it was with the glasses when I first started wearing them... I got so bullied that I hated them but I can't see without them any more!

Better to be petrified a couple of times (once to get the referral to the hospital to have my teeth out under GA and take an imprint of my gums, then the second time to fit the dentures) then not have to worry for the rest of my life than have individual teeth taken out one at a time.

Yep, it's extreme, but then so is my phobia!

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