Monday 18 June 2018

If my twins had lived...

I miscarried twins the week of my 19th birthday.

If they had lived they would be 21 by now, maybe married and maybe with their own children.

If they had lived, I might have been a grandma by now and Steve might have been a step-grandpa.

If they had lived, they might have been married and living with their chosen partner in their own little house.

Now there's very little chance of me becoming a mum (I've got Endometriosis which has prolly left me infertile and now that there's a family history of cancer I don't want to risk passing that on to any child we might have had) unless we adopt but because we are both over 40 the chances are slim even for that.

If my twins had lived, would they have come to Gloucester with me or wanted to stay in Oxford with their father?  Would they have loved Steve like I love him?  Called him Dad?

I'll never know now  😢

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