Saturday 30 June 2018

I'm out of the red!!

Just had an email to say that my credit score had changed, so I logged in and I'M FINALLY OUT OF THE RED AND INTO THE ORANGE!!!  It's still poor, but I've gone 50 months without a payment problem so that's in the green and I'm just waiting for all my credit cards to update my credit record to say I've paid off and closed the accounts!  

My mobile phone contract, the mortgage and BC are the only one's left on my credit score now.  

I've paid off BC so I've just gotta be patient and wait for them to update my credit score but when that's been sorted, the default will be removed in a couple of years then we've just got to keep up to date with the mortgage then I'll be happy!

I'm just so happy to finally be out of the red at last!  Comin' to get you green!  No more credit any more.  Ever.  I've learnt my lesson the hard way and I'm not going through that again!

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