Monday 18 June 2018

Sound problem sorted

Steve told me about Spotify 4 or 5 days ago and everything was fine for the first day and a halfish, then my headphones got really crackly so I bought myself a new set.

As soon as I plugged the new headphones in, I knew the problem was with the Spotify app instead of the headphones.

I've worked out how to fix most of the crackling now - don't have Chrome open at the same time and it works fine then!  Chrome was using over 2GB of memory on it's own so the whole time Chrome is open, it's using 80-odd% of the memory so I can totally see why Spotify was having problems now so from now on it's either having Chrome open and no music or close down Chrome and listen to music.

Annoying but necessary unfortunately.  Hopefully it'll mean that I can concentrate on writing for NaNo and JanNo without the distraction of Facebook or whatever trying to lure me away from writing the next best-seller in children's literature!

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