Saturday 9 June 2018

Taken me supplements/vlog/rant

I took me supplements while the virus scan was finishing off so that's done and dusted for the day.

While the scan was running I went to pick up me new glasses, came home and created a little video of me wearing 'em - totally different to my normal look 'cos they are big and bold and obvious so it'll take a while to get used to my new look but you can see what my new look is like below!  Let me know what you think?

Just while I'm waiting for the video to upload, I'll rant about how often Steve sees his family compared to how often I've seen my mum.

Yes, again.

I've seen my mum 3 times since the Summer of 2010 - once at my dad's funeral, once just after we got Mitzi and once for Christmas.  That's it since the Summer of 2010.

In the 5 days of next week, Steve's seeing his sister twice on Monday, his dad on Tuesday, again on Thursday when we get our hair cut and Steve's seeing his dad again on Friday.

One day in the entire week that he's not seeing his family and a grand total of seeing them 5 times in those 5 days.  That's more than I've seen my mum since my dad died in 2010.

The only reason I agreed to move all the way over here was on the condition that we regularly went back over to see my mum.

Steve agreed.

I dunno about you, dear reader, but I don't call 3 visits in 8 years "regular visits" do you??

Neither me nor me mum can drive so we've got the phone and that's it!  It's hardly fair that Steve sees his family almost double in 5 days than I've seen my mum since 2010!

The video has uploaded now so I'll shut up lol.  Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my new glasses?

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