Monday 11 June 2018

The poor pup is home again - yay!

Our poor pup went to the vets with Marie about an hour and a half ago... she's got another skin infection so has been given an antibiotic jab and we've got to give her half an anti-biotic pill every 12 hours then go back in a couple of weeks for her vaccine and we've got to get her groomed next week too.  Apparently she's had her claws clipped too which is brilliant.

We were both expecting it to cost literally hundreds but we were both wrong.

Less than £60!

The vaccination will be about £40 and grooming about £30 so it'll be an expensive couple of weeks, but she's sooooo worth it!

We would both have totally emptied our bank accounts if that's how much it cost... she's worth every penny we spend on her though!

We've spent tens of thousands on her over the last almost 8 years, but the love she gives back to us is worth it... she's an amazing little girl!

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