Friday 22 June 2018

The grooming yesterday must have...

Just got back from taking the pup out for her walk.

I was assuming she'd want to come home after 2 up and down's, like she has for the last month or 6 weeks or whatever.


Not even 3 times.

Or 4.

She walked up and down 5 times and was pondering on 6 this morning... she hasn't done that for literally months!

Maybe her fur was weighing her down which made walking difficult or something?

She went on 3 long walks yesterday so maybe that encouraged her this morning?  Her first long walk was to Marie's car, the second was around the block at the vets because they got there so early and the third was when she came home from Marie's car to here... maybe they got her feeling so good that she wanted to feel like that this morning?

I'm happy with twice up and down but if the pup wants to go further, I'll take my lead from her and just come home when she's had enough!

So proud of you, Mitzi!

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