Friday 22 June 2018

It's taken 22 years, but as of now...

I'm now totally debt free!! 

I took out my first credit card within a few months of turning 18.

I'm now totally debt free for the first time in 22 years and I'm never ever getting credit for anything ever again.

The mortgage will be paid off in a few years time so even that debt will be cleared soon.

My credit score is through the floor 'cos I defaulted in September 2017 so that'll be on my credit score for up to 6 years, but other than the mortgage I don't owe anyone a single penny any more!

If I get re-awarded ESA in November I'm gonna pay for my studies with the OU and for the first time in my life I really do think I can get a degree so my bullies can sod off now... I've believed their taunting for 30 years, but not any more.  If I'm genuinely interested in what I'm learning then I really can get through the course.  The childcare certificate and OpenLearn courses were proof of that!  If I'm genuinely interested in what I'm learning then I'm not thick and never have been, I just need to have a genuine interest in what I'm learning is all.

Here's to a debt free future for me!  👍👍👍


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