Sunday 9 June 2019

Sunday 9th June 2019

Came down at just gone 7am this morning and took my supplements straight away which forced Steve to do a bottle of squash for me.  Feeling really proud of myself 'cos I got them all down with the 400ml-ish that was left from last night and I didn't accidentally throw any of them up or struggle to get any of 'em down!  I could get used to this lol

The puppy forced me to walk a huuuuge 900% this morning, which means that we've walked 5100% total in 7 days, which is 4400% extra.  How awesome is that?  Me legs are really feeling it now though lol

That's the rubbish and recycling out now with only a minor disagreement this week.  We put out two totally full recycling boxes and the rubbish bag is barely ¾ full and so light!

We bagged up the last of the butterfly bush that we sawed down the other week and it's pretty much all gone now.  There's still a branch stuck in the arm-hole of one of the plastic chairs that I'm not tall enough to pull out so Steve's promised that he'll get his brother over at some point to get it out and the other branches that have been out for at least a year sawn down and binned.  When that's done, I'll just need a yard brush and pan to sweep up all the bits of twig and dead leaves that are currently on the ground, then we just need to get rid of the toilets and cistern's that have been out there since Steve came out of hospital the last time (2-3 years ago apparently) then hopefully get someone in to get rid of the grapevine that has grown up the entire side of our house and has completely covered the spare room's window!!

One area at a time is going to get sorted even if I have to do it totally alone despite Steve being paid to be my carer.

Just had a shower and washed me hair ready for tomorrow.  Almost fell off the seat 3 times though!

The puppy has just unexpectedly gone for another wash and brush-up!  Apparently Helen messaged Steve but it didn't go through to Steve 'cos he was watching something in full screen on his laptop and it didn't appear on his phone either for some reason!

Thank you to my Higher Powers for getting me out of the shower and dressed before they came!

The puppy's home at last!!!

She's a sleepy puppy again, but her love is filling the house again.  She's the smallest member of the household but fills the house with an impossibly huge amount of love!

Busy start to the week, starting tomorrow:

Monday - hair cuts
Tuesday - my prescription is being delivered
Wednesday - medical appointment

Gonna be exhausted by the time I get home on Wednesday!

I'm exhausted now, let alone on Wednesday!

Just advertised Steve's headphones on Freegle.  Better to give them away than bin them and all that jazz!

That's me prescription taken.  Nice and easily with just a small mouthful of squash, thankfully! 👌  Today has been a really good pill taking day... this mornings supplements went down with about 400ml of squash and now my prescription this evening with just a single mouthful... I could get used to this!  😁👍

 Just bought Mitzi a faux fur pet bed and only paid the shipping of $9.49 which is a touch expensive but I suppose it's coming from America and prolly won't be light either, so that's not so bad.  We shall see if it ever arrives and I'll be keeping a tight watch on my bank account just to be sure that I haven't just been conned.

I'll soon find out I guess!

Gonna have an early night I reckon.  💤

Nite nite orl! 

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