Sunday 30 June 2019

Sunday 30th June 2019

Happy 10th birthday, puppy!!!

Our baby girl is 10 years old today and it's also 9 years ago that my father died of cancer.

Time for a celebratory walk with the old girl now.

A cat has poo'd in the road again, so Steve took a photo and I've just reported it to the council.  Bet the neighbour will decide that it's the pup's poo and I need to clear it up though.  No chance Sunshine, when it's not even on the pavement and I can't get off the pavement with her, as well as it having been done overnight when we were all asleep too!  I'm a law abiding citizen and do pick up the pup's poo when it's hers!  Unlike some people!

Steve's making us both a "posh coffee" and I'm gonna take me supplements after that, then work on getting the spreadsheets sorted.

Just asked Steve about adding another column to the spreadsheet and then the totals of both columns so that I don't have to get my calculator out every week lol

Time for me supplements now, so that I don't forget.

That's the supplements swallowed.  Pretty easily again... not the easiest ever, but far from the worst too!

We're having an early lunch today - yesterday's promised curry 🍛, except that I couln't find the Quorn square things, so Steve's gonna go hunting for them then making it for us  💜😋💙

The puppy is going for her weekly wash and brush at lunchtime today so I'm thinking she'll be doing a lot of sleeping instead of running around today, after the walkathon we've had this week!

She's gone and I'm missing her already!  I know she'll be fine while she's getting washed and brushed 'cos she has been up to now, but her little tiny being houses a huuuuge personality and fills every room of the house with love while she's here - it's gonna be a loooooong few hours!  😟😧

Just finished me curry and it was just about the right amount to fill me up without making me bloated.  Steve is such a good cook with meals that don't take much preparation like the curry and pasta bake and chips and vegan spag bol etc and it's a million times better than it was even at the end of last year... take-aways are treats instead of every meal things now and it's made all the difference to our health and helping us both to loose weight too which can only be a good thing, right?

Worked out that I'll be able to put about £200 into my savings by the end of July which will be awesom...

The puppy doggy is home!!!

It's only been 4½ hours, but the house has felt so empty without her!

She's flaked out between Steve's legs now, bless 'er! lol

Where was I?

Oh yeah, my ESA is being paid three times in July instead of the usual two so I'll be able to put most of that into my savings so that I'll have £230 in there so I'll get like 2p (or is it 2% therefore 4p??) interest a month which I know doesn't sound like much, but it's more than I'm getting atm!  That'll be used for Yule gifts so that I don't have to go overdrawn to buy gifts for both families again.

I'm seriously hoping that I'll be awarded PIP without going to a tribunal about it this time.  If my Higher Powers are smiling on me and I get the mobility part this time, I'm hoping to get a wheelchair accessible, automatic car on Motability so that I can go over and see my mum again.  If not, I'll save up to get a second hand automatic car for Steve instead.

Having an early night for a change. 🌛

Be back in the morning.  😴

Nite nite orl!  💤

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