Wednesday 12 June 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Was awake and down here before 6.30am!

I checked my bank balance before I came down and Namebright have taken money out of my account without my permission so I'm gonna demand a refund then hopefully put a block on their account ever taking money again.  Not happy about that at all.

Gonna take me supplements and walk the puppy then nervously get ready for this afternoon's appointment.

That's me supplements taken, so time for an early morning stroll with the senior puppy now.

The puppy forced me to walk 700% this morning.  I was happy to come home after 600% but she carried on walking another 100%.  That means that, after only 3 days, she's already walked me 2100% extra already this week and we're less than half way through the week too!  Won't be able to walk far for the rest of the day.

Steve's dad is taking me to the surgery so I don't need to get stressed out about taking Patric or trying to eek out £10 for the taxi.  I'm hoping it's just a mole, but I obviously can't see it so want to get it officially checked out just to put my mind at rest.  Better to be safe than sorry and all that.

That's me new prescription just been delivered so I can start taking them tonight to see how I get on with them... wish me luck!

Also gonna shut down my laptop as soon as I take them then just talk to Steve or watch the telly or whatever for an hour before I head to bed tonight, just to see what happens.  It worked last night so I'm hoping it'll work again tonight.

The new 5mg ones are orodispersible but they've got lactose in them so it might make me ill which I'm really not looking forward to, but we shall see I suppose.  The 10mg ones have got lactose in them and the new 2.5mg ones are the same brand, so hopefully they won't affect me.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that my body doesn't reject these ones!

Zoop and chocolate mini rolls for lunch today.  Yumsk.

Had my appointment through for the ultrasound now.  Gotta have a full bladder for it and hold it in for an hour beforehand.  Not looking forward to that at all!

As predicted it was nothing to worry about.  Just a cyst and I don't need to worry unless it becomes painful, grows bigger or gets infected.  I was in there for maybe 2 minutes tops and my anxiety over it is now no longer active.  I just need to keep an eye on it via Steve is all, but that's it now until the until the ultrasound on 4th July then another appointment with Brad (the CPN) on the 26th to see how I'm doing with the new prescription.

We're having a celebratory tea of chippy chips on me.  Steve's still getting his Toblerone's assuming he cooks tomorrow (he's promised we'll have a full on roast) and Friday 'cos we had a home-made meal of zoop for lunch so it still counts 'cos it wasn't ordered in and delivered.

I could get used to having good days like this!  lol  👍👌👍

Todays food for me:

Mug of zoop
2 chocolate mini rolls
2 pickled eggs
1 of Steve's chips

Gonna take me prescription now and hope it doesn't make me too ill!

The 2.5mg tablet was getting on for half the size of the 10mg one but was so much harder to swallow for some reason... maybe because it's a new dose??

The pills are already kicking in and making me tired, just like the Zyprexa did so I'm gonna publish this then head to bed.

See you all at some point tomorrow!

Night night!  😴

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