Friday 30 August 2019

Friday 30th August 2019

Morning again everyone!

Time for me to have a banana and take my morning pills.  I think, touch wood, that I'm getting into a routine now with all the pills that I take... especially the morning ones, 'cos I come downstairs, boot up my laptop, take my pills and get on with my day.

Got a medical appointment today and I've gotta try and remember to ask her how to pronounce the first third of my diagnosis 'cos I don't like not knowing how to pronounce it... I know how to to pronounce the middle word and pretty confident about the third word, it really is just the first word.

Gotta ask her about taking the Calcium again too with the newest prescription 'cos the patient information leaflet said something about it raising my Calcium levels, so I don't want to accidentally OD on it so just want to get a medical opinion on it... my poor body is screaming out for it, I just don't want to take any risks with it is all.

All four morning pills have gone down nice and easily... I hope that's an indication that I'm in for another good day today!


Sorry to shout, but the last 3 weeks have been awful without it and my body is kinda screaming in excited relief!  I also know how to pronounce all three words of my diagnosis too.  The last 2 days have been awesomely good for my health.

I've gotta double the dose of my OAB pills from 1mg twice a day to 2mg twice a day and I've gotta go back and see the original doctor in 4 weeks time just to see how the new levels are going... but I'm sooo happy that things went so well with the appointment - such a huuuuge relief!!  😌

Just taken the first Calcium pill since the first week of August and my body kinda went "what the... I didn't realise we had lunchtime pills to take too... what are... oooooh!  That feels sooo good!  It'll take a while to build the supplies back up again, but it's good to have the full set of supplements being taken each day again!"  My body is relaxing now that it's got everything it needs again.  It's 8 pills (4 prescriptions and 4 supplements) a day in three sessions (3 supplements and first dose of the OAB pill first thing, Calcium at lunchtime and then 4 prescriptions at 7pm-ish) throughout the day, but it's soooo worth it for me!  I'm giving my body everything it needs to function so any amount of pills is worth that!

There's vitamin B1 in the multi I take every morning, but I wander if I should start boosting that every day too, like I do with the B12?  Or would that be too much??

Already bought a year's supply of all four supplements, so I'm gonna try and remember to order the Vitamin B Complex Tablets instead of just the B12 next year 'cos it covers B1 (Thiamin), B9 (Folic Acid) as well as B12 (Cyanocobalamin) which I was short of last time they were each checked and there's 100% of the NRV of each of 'em so it'll still be 8 tablets a day, but it will cover all 3 B vitamins instead of just the one.  There's no dairy in it and they are suitable for vegetarians too, so I'm covered with everything in just one pill again.  I could get used to this!

Steve's just said that I don't need to bribe him to cook any more... he said that the Jaffa Cakes are honestly starting to go off slightly, so he's finishing those off and he's got 3 Turkish Delight's left which'll take us to next Sunday and that's an empty container then.  I'll still treat him unexpectedly and I know how to encourage him to cook for us every day now too, but now that he's motivated to do it he said he doesn't need any more bribes... I just hope he keeps up his motivation and we don't go back to at least one take-away a day again.

So proud of you, Steve!

Having a reasonably early night tonight... my legs are telling me they need to rest so I'm off to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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