Tuesday 6 August 2019

Tuesday 6th August 2019

She weeeeeeee'd on her walk!!!!!!

I can now, officially, stop worrying!

She was also admired three different times too.  The second time was with a car-full of people who were amazed that she was 10 years old and they thought it was 6 doggy years to 1 human year so I corrected them that it was 7 which amazed them even more.

Going to feed her now.

She's finished off her bag of food too, so I'll open up her new bag tomorrow.

The puppy took her tablets really easily this morning too.  She just takes the small one off Steve and swallows it, but we have to disguise the big one in plastic cheese, but that's OK - she swallows that whole too, so we just reduce her food slightly with the approval of the vet nurse.

Time to get me dosed up now!

That's me supplements swallowed.  Must have accidentally double-dosed on the B12 twice 'cos I've got 5 B12 and 7 Iron left for some reason.  😯

We is having a Subway sarnie each for lunch and a mini portion of pasta 'n' sauce for tea so that we can use up the mini pasta sauce that came as a substitute in last week's shop and Steve can still get his Friday reward as long as we have home-prepared meals for the rest of the week.

Still as yummy as we remembered... time to do battle with the Dorito's now!

Because the delivery took longer than expected, Steve's got a voucher for £2.50 off our next order that's valid for the rest of this week so I can see us having another Subway sarnie this week, prolly tomorrow, instead of the zoop I usually have 'cos of the virus scan.  Steve's gonna have 2 sarnies and I'll have the footlong one though lol  Maybe carry on having bits'n'pieces or a cooked lunch on a Monday, burgers (to use up the fresh bread rolls that are delivered with the shopping on Monday evenings) on a Tuesday and Subway sarnies on a Wednesday so that I still don't have to worry about putting my laptop on the floor and risking unplugging it, so having to re-start the virus scan and possibly zoop for tea on a Wednesday.

My preferences for take-aways definitely go in this order:
  1. Subway sarnie
  2. Veggie lasagne
  3. Veggie curry
All pretty healthy choices, but they are honestly my preferences in order... never really liked a lot of fat in my diet... the occasional chippy chips or Chinese or whatever is totally OK, but once a week really is my limit for fatty things like that.

That's the two cache's cleared, ready for tomorrow.  Time for me prescription now... tonight is exactly 8 weeks of taking the new, lowered dose.  Gotta remember to bin the current boxes and unseal the first two boxes of the eight that were delivered on Friday.  I'm hoping to get the prescription that the doc did for me yesterday, delivered on Friday and that they are neither capsules or have dairy in them.  Wonder if I need to take them in the mornings, like me supplements or in the evening alongside my current prescription?

Just checked the online prescription thingy and it's one tablet twice a day, so I'll take the first one with my supplements and the second one when I take my other two prescriptions in the evening... I'll be rattling (assuming the tablets aren't too big of course) 'cos I'll be taking eight tablets a day for at least 28 days!!  I'm gonna be getting through the squash at a rate of knotts lol

Off to beddy-byes now.

Night night all... 💤

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