Sunday 31 May 2020

Sunday 31st May 2020

Morning again all.

I had quite a long lay-in this morning 'cos I didn't wake up until 7.43am❗  I've taken my pills and re-filled the pill organiser, so I'm gonna take the puppy for her first stroll of the day now.

The puppy has, apparently, poo'd 💩❗❗  That means I take enjoy our stroll instead of getting anxious about her doing it while we're out and me falling over and not being able to get up again when I pick it up.  It also means that we can get the rubbish and recycling sorted out first thing, instead of after lunch now... yaaaaay❗

Gonna go for a wee then take the puppy out for the first time today now.  BBS❗

Blimey it's hot out there❗❗

Just got back from walking 🐾 the puppy and I'm sweating buckets now.  Thankfully Steve put the fan on just before we got home and I'm so grateful for that.

Apparently we're having burgers 🍔  for lunch today instead of Mugshots, so that the bread rolls can be used up before they go stale.  Fine by me.

That's the rubbish and recycling gone out now.  A full recycling box and cardboard bag, but only a half full bag of rubbish this week and no food waste at all, which is awesome❗

I think I might get this pill organiser next time 'cos I've never opened the third bit for my evening pills, so I'm thinking it'd be better to just have a twice a day one instead of a third option that I'm almost guaranteed not to use❗

Got 5 more photos of the puppy dog this lunchtime, so bear with me while I resize, code and upload them all to my homepage...

...OK, done.  They're up now and will be until tomorrow morning when I've gotta move all the photos and videos to the 2020 page instead of the first page 🙄 🤣

Just done a course about infectious diseases in the third world and scored 95%  😃.  Time to upload everything to my navigation site and start on the next course now.

Everything is now uploaded, but I've decided against doing another course.  Gonna have an early night instead ready to take the puppy out even earlier than usual today, to see if that helps her.  It's "marathon Monday" tomorrow too, so we'll be out even longer.  I'll have the Fitbit stuff to sort out too, when we get home, as well as bringing in the rubbish and cardboard bags and the recycling stuff too, so I won't feel up to studying like I have done today.

I've taken my last pills of the day, so gonna publish this now, then shut down.

Nite nite orl 💤.  Sea ewe 2morro.

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