Friday 29 May 2020

Friday 29 May 2020

Mornin' all

I've walked and fed the puppy, taken my morning pills, checked my email and phoned the pharmacy, so I've had a busy morning so far!

Got a couple of photos of our beautiful senior puppy dog to put on my site, then I'll start studying again... starting with the study skills one today I reckon, 'cos that's been waiting around the longest.  Gotta put the photos up first though!

The photos are up, but the study skills course still isn't working, even with the thing allowed, so I'm gonna take it off my list of courses and try the next one:  An Introduction to Managing Safety and Health in Schools.  This is the final chance for each of the courses.

OMG❗  The smilies are back❗❗  I'm a happy blogger now 😃  Gonna keep using that line break thingy instead of the curly bits, but I can smile and grin and use the red exclamation marks and question marks now, so I'm gonna be able to put little icons within each post now - yaaaaay❗❗

That's a second course that isn't working, so that's off the list too... third time lucky❓❓

Nope.  Last course on the list now:  Understanding Advanced Search using Google Search.  If that doesn't load up then I'll start from the top of the list again.  Might email the site to see if they know their courses aren't working.

The fourth course is working, thankfully, so I'll get on with it now 👌

That's the Calcium taken and I'm having scrambled eggs for my lunch today.  Just got another 2 modules to study then the assessment to take (and hopefully pass first time 🤞) then work out if I've got time for another course or not.

Passed the course with a score of 100% 😌

Had scrambled eggs for me lunch, without pepper ('cos neither of us remembered until it was too late), so my arse is gonna be rancid for the next few days now 🤣

I've taken another photo of the puppy so I'll put that on my site and keep studying the next course now  😁

Just had an email from my favourite music bods about being able to listen to a playlist in advance of tonight, so I'm gonna listen to that instead of studying for the rest of the day... I can study at any point, but there's less than 4 hours to listen to this before it's on tonight, so I'm gonna be listening to the music for the rest of this afternoon.

Taken the puppy out for her second stroll of the day and she poo'd 💩 so I cleared it up and we carried on walking... we were the best part of an hour later than normal though, so that's not too bad - if we'd gone at our usual time then she would have 'gone' at about the same time, so that's OK.

Marie's just brought the basics over for us again, so I've gotta move the cash over to Steve now... BRB.

OK, that's the money moved over for the shopping and I've got single figures left in my account now, until payday 😟

Taken my pills, watched the music thing and I'm off to bed now.  Nite nite orl.

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