Saturday 30 May 2020

Saturday 30th May 2020

Mornin' all.

I've taken the puppy out for her morning stroll, fed her, taken my pills and I'm currently uploading a video of the puppy dog too, so I'll code and upload that when it's finished uploading to YouTube.  I've put the exercise spreadsheet up on my site and I'm gonna try and hit 10,250 steps on Monday as well as increasing my confidence, by doing a few more laps of our back yard after I've brought the rubbish and recycling in, same as this week.  Gonna sllooowwwly build it up now that I've done it once, just like with the nightly exercises before I fall asleep each night.

That's the video coded and uploaded so I can start studying now.  Steve's got an Amazon Pantry order coming today that'll be here "before 9pm 🕘" so one of us has to stay awake... bet it'll be me 'cos Steve'll fall asleep and miss the deliverer knocking on the door and it'll be my fault, same as always.

We're having pasta bol for lunch 🍴 today instead of the pasta bake or pasta 'n' sauce he's been promising me for the last 5 days.  That's OK though... as long as it's not junk food, it's fine by me❗ 😀

Steve said he saw "what looked like a robin at the bird feeder with the fat balls in it" at like 5.30am 🕠 but by the time he'd got to the back door to take a photo 📸 of it, it had flown off 😞  We know that the feeders are definitely being used by small birds now though, even though we haven't got photographic proof... yet❗

The pasta bol was yummy, but too much for both of us, so there's some in the fridge, ready for tea for one of us.

I finished the course with a score of 96%❗  Gonna finish off the pasta bol in celebration 🤣

That was sooo good and not even a grain of food waste at all.  We need to reduce the amount that is cooked now though, 'cos that's the second or third home-cooked meal that there have been left-overs of in the last week or so.  Steve said he already reduced the amount, but even that reduction was still too much for the pair of us so hopefully he'll reduce it again ready for our next meal 'cos our stomachs (as in the internal organ) have definitely shrunk since we've drastically reduced our number of take-aways and we've both lost a good chunk of weight too (Steve's lost 20kg since January 2019 and I've lost 12kg in about a year or so)... we've just gotta keep on keeping on and we'll get there in the end.

My bribery idea to get Steve cooking again may not have been the healthiest of things to do, but it's been working ever since so the small amount of bribery definitely worked❗

Righty-oh, I'm gonna log off for the night and head to bed now, for an early night.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning.

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