Thursday 28 May 2020

Thursday 28th May 2020

Morning all.   How are you all doing today?  What did you think to the look of yesterday's post... I reckon it was waaaay too boring!

I've already taken today's pills because I woke up so early, so gonna take the puppy for an early morning stroll then come home and start studying again.

Back now. 

The puppy really struggled with the first half of our stroll so we had to come home for literally a couple of minutes before finishing it off... she was absolutely fine the second time, so I don't know why she struggled with the first half!  That's it until this afternoon now though.

We're not having the pizza's after all this week 'cos they've been in the fridge for 6 days, so we've decided not to risk it.  Pasta Bake instead though, 'cos it's been so long since we last had that!

Oh dear.  Me an' Steve have just had a Penguin each and we'd forgotten just how bad the jokes were:

Steve's joke:  What do penguin's wear on the beach?
Flipper flops

My joke:  Why can't penguins play football?
Because there's snowball


Change of plan (again lol) for lunch... burger and chips for me and Steve's having sausage and chips.  He's promised that we'll have pasta bake "either tomorrow or some time over the weekend" so I hope we do!

We had chips in the end... hoping for some kind of pasta tomorrow though, like Steve's been promising for the last 24 hours!

I'm getting close to finishing the course and I've just taken me last two pills, so hopefully I'll pass first time... please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Just finished the course, but it says that I've only completed one module out of the four and it's definitely a coding blip 'cos they aren't whole percents completed... it's to like ten or fifteen decimal places so I've just completely wasted the best part of 40 awake hours that I'll never get back.  Not at all happy about that.

I have, however, worked out what was stopping me from studying the other three or four courses - the Adobe Acrobat was blocked but now that it's in the allowed programmes for that site, I will hopefully be able to study the other courses now!

I'm gonna check my emails then head to bed I reckon.

Off to beddy-byes now.

Nite nite orl.

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