Tuesday 12 May 2020

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Morning all.

The FA is a miracle pill💊❗  I'd even go as far as to say that it's on a par with the B12 injections❗  I've only taken one pill so far but in under 15 minutes it was working it's magic and 24 hours later, it's still making me feel human and keeping my head clear of cotton wool❗  For the first time in a fortnight (which was when I last took the FA) I fell asleep without needing to read a magasine last night too, so it obviously turns my brain off at bed time too❗

Time to take my morning pills now then I'll walk the puppy.

Gonna pause the electricity payments to Steve for the next 3 months so that I can move the money over to H's savings account to replace what he used to pay one of his bills 3 months ago without telling me.  After those 3 months, his debt will be clear though 👍

Couldn't find a way to pause the payments to Steve, so I've cancelled it and I'll move the money over each month and re-start the payments on 20th August 'cos he'll have paid the money back then and will be debt-free to H... just gotta remember that I've done it now 🤣

The puppy has been out for her poo 💩, so my anxiety about unbalancing, falling over and not being able to get back up when I pick it up ('cos I'm a responsible, law-abiding dog parent) on our walk has completely vanished and I'll take her out for our stroll 🐾 after I've taken my pills.

That's the pills taken and because it's a Tuesday, I didn't take the FA so took the Calcium at the same time, rather than at lunch-time.  They all went down really easily, so I'm hoping that means today will be a good day❗

Time to walk the senior puppy 🐶 then feed her and start studying.  Study skills today then possibly another one if I finish at a reasonable time.

That's the puppy walked and fed.  I came up with a gross idea for another new manuscript just before I went to sleep last night, so I'm gonna write that then have me lunch (hash browns) then study for the rest of the day.

That's the manuscript written and the hash browns smell like they're almost ready, so I'm gonna go and have my lunch now then start studying.  BBS❗ 👍




I've just been able to book a delivery slot at Iceland that's being delivered on Thursday afternoon❗❗

I'm gonna go back to the site on Friday at 11am to see if I can get a slot for Monday evening 'cos apparently that's when they put up their new delivery slots, and it didn't ask if I'd got a letter to say I was classed as vulnerable either❗

WTG and thank you so much, Iceland❗❗

First course of the day finished with a score of 100% 😌 - can't get better than that❗  Gonna study the 'Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness' course next then have an early night I reckon 😊

That's my cache's cleared ready for tomorrow's virus scan, so I can safely get my head around diabetes now.

Passed the diabetes course and decided to do one (or hopefully two, as long as I can get uninterrupted time to study and Steve answers the door and phone so that I can concentrate on what I'm learning) of the 3-4 hour long courses... gotta motivate myself first though 🤣

Gonna take my last two pills of the day a touch early then head to bed I reckon 'cos I've got huge dark circles under my eyes after so many late nights recently❗

That's the pills popped and my body is just starting to hint at needing the next dose of the FA after about 32 hours so I'll be able to give it what it needs tomorrow for sure.

Gonna head to bed 🛌 now though... not even 🕖 7pm yet, but it's what my body is asking for, so I'm gonna give my body and mind the rest and sleep that it's asking for.

Nite nite orl 💤.

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