Friday 15 May 2020

Friday 15th May 2020

Mornin' all.

It's my brother-in-law's birthday tomorrow so I've just got him an Amazon voucher, but I bet Steve'll claim credit for it tomorrow, so starting in 2021 we'll only get gifts for our own family for birthday's and Christmas' 'cos I'm so pissed off with me buying stuff and him getting credit for it, so starting in 2021 I'll only get gifts for my mum, Chris and Melanie.

I asked Steve to get more food for the puppy at the start of the week but he hadn't done it, so she's now got a couple of days worth left and the vets are out of stock of it and it'll take "a few days" to get it ordered and back in stock, so as of now I'm only getting gifts for my mum, Chris and Melanie and I'm doing all the Mitzi things myself.  Still waiting for the software and webpages that are now, officially, a year overdue and already paid for so I'll be paying on delivery, the same as everyone else now.  So fucking fed up of being a second class citizen around Steve❗

Got 5 photo's of the puppy dog on my homepage now if you wanna go and have a gander at them❓

I'm the only one awake in the house atm, so I'm gonna finish off my decaff coffee then wake Mitzi up to take her for our second stroll of the day 👌

Not gonna get any studying done today, so I'm gonna start editing instead... it's not like I'm short of courses to study or anything❗  It'll do me good to have a break from it for a few days and I can hopefully go back to it refreshed and ready to keep learning on Monday.

That's the puppy walked 🐾 for the second time today and given her lunch... just one more meal at about 4pm then that's it for the day.

We met another set of new neighbours on our stroll this afternoon, so that's everyone on this side of the street now❗

It's almost 1pm 🕐 so it's our lunchtime too.  I've got a potato salad to try (I seriously hope it hasn't got dairy in it) and Steve's got a pastie or something to have for his lunch, so I'm gonna go and grab that for us both now.

That potato salad was gorgeous❗  I've got a pasta salad in the fridge too, so that's tomorrow's lunch sorted too... yaaay❗

M's just brought the shopping over and apparently we've got 2 huge bags of chips and Steve's got 2 bags of sausages too, so that's our lunch tomorrow and I'll have the pasta salad on Sunday instead.

That's the editing finished.  Not bad going for about 10 hours and I'm hoping that I'll be able to spend both days of the weekend editing too now that I've done my first one.  I'm currently planning on spending all weekend editing then back to studying again after the puppy's first stroll of the day on Monday.

Gonna take my last two pills of the day now though, then catch up on Facebook and my email that I haven't even glanced at all day.

That's me pills taken and I'm hoping to have published this blog post and shut down by 🕗 tonight, so that I can hopefully be asleep before 9pm 🕘 for a change.  According to my Fitbit app, I was asleep by just gone 9.30pm 🕤 last night and awake before 6am 🕕 so had just over 8 hours of sleep ('cos it takes into account that I was restless 7 times while I was asleep) and today was only the third day this week that I've walked the puppy twice a day for the last 10 weeks, so my body is starting to complain now.

Gonna head to bed 🛌 now... nite nite orl❗ 😴💤

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