Monday 18 May 2020

Book Review: Whiskers, Feathers & Fur: Veterinary Tales by Austin Donnelly

⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I could swear I've already heard this book, within the last year or 18 months, but it was only published a couple of months ago, so it can't have been.

There are good bits, yes, but there isn't as much about the animals as I was hoping... it's more like a memoire about the authors life, rather than the animals he's treated.  I'm half way through chapter 5 and it's been more about the author learning to be a vet than the animals so far.

My hubby has just explained that Noel Fitzpatrick is Irish and he's a vet so maybe I was getting them both confused at the start of the review??

The author has mentioned an animal, very briefly, but we're back to his memoire again now. So many of the reviews say that they laughed but I haven't even raised a smile yet... it takes a lot to make me laugh, but I smile pretty easily yet this book hasn't even achieved that yet.

The author has just mentioned doing a pregnancy test on an animal, but it was only maybe a couple of sentences.

Oooh!  A paragraph about an animal now!  It's only taken 6 chapters!

Another animal... hopefully there will be more animals, less memoire from now on!

Ah-ha!  No wonder I remembered an Irish vet reading a book but couldn't find it anywhere - Steve's just said that he was listening to the Noel Fitzpatrick one when it first came out and they both start out very similarly... it sounds like this author has taken the idea and run with it, but instead of focussing on the animals that the title of this book made me hope, it's actually a memoire of the author rather than much talk about the animals he's treated since becoming a vet.

There's just been a euthanasia story in chapter 7 which was OK, but it didn't make me tear up or even feel slightly emotional which is strange for me 'cos I'm a very emotional person about things like that.

We're currently at 3 stars and that's cos I'm in a good mood right now... I can find very few positives about this book unfortunately.

At last... chapter 9 and there's more than a paragraph about animals!

Chapter 10 is back to being a memoire again.  Considering the title promises "Veterinary Tales" there is a very disappointingly small amount of them unfortunately.

Now he's going on about mankini's!  What on Earth does *that* have to do with being a vet??  This really wasn't what I was hoping for and definitely not in a good way!

What have Tazmanian bachelors got to do with animals and being a vet too?  The title is very misleading about the contents of the book unfortunately.

A few more lines of animal story sprinkled in chapter 12.  It should be the other way around IMHO though... it should be humans sprinkled through but focussed on animals, judging by the title of the book!  Not a good book at all, unfortunately, sorry.

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