Saturday 19 December 2020

3rd day without news!

I've got a few pieces of news up on my writing site, but nothing at all again on either my homepage or navigation page❗  Its mainly about the Corona virus and literally 5-6 results in each section because of the URL of an American site❗  Maybe it's a gift from one of my Higher Powers so that I can be ready to go as soon as the groceries are delivered❓

I've done my squats, so it's just the sit-ups and leg raises to go now, then a very late lunch/early tea before I head to bed.  I've taken my morning and afternoon pills, so it's just my nighttime pills to have before I shut down for the night, then it's all sorted.  Gonna sort the last two lots of exercise now, so that they will hopefully be finished by the time the groceries turn up in half an hour or so.

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