Friday 4 December 2020

Not too bad at all so far...

 Just taken the third assessment on the course and got one question wrong, so that's two wrong answers out of at least 30 questions, which ain't too bad at all.

I'm about to start learning about generating traffic and by the looks of it, it'll be Facebook for the first module.  Hopefully it won't be anything about harvesting people's emails from their posts or "investing" in a bot or whatever, 'cos there's no way in heck I'm gonna do that... I want free, genuine visitors (like you, the person reading this blog post) and I'm not about to compromise my morals for that... I'd rather have slow but free and genuine word of mouth recommendations and getting a small handful of visitors and readers who genuinely care about what I have to say, rather than a bot who crawls the internet and spams people with my URLs.  I hate spam with a passion and I'll do whatever I can to protect others from it instead of forcing myself on people who don't give two hoots.

If you know nothing about building a website then you can build a free one on Bravenet using my simple tutorial or watch modules 1-10 of the course then turn it off.  If you just want a blog (like this one), I've got a tutorial for that too❗

Time for me to finish off the course and hopefully pass the last two assessments now.  BBL 👋

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