Sunday 20 December 2020

I is well and truly...



I had porridge and raisins for breakfast, 3 mince pies and more raisins for "elevenses", 4 eggs and 15 mini hash browns for lunch and now I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.  


Was hoping to study this afternoon, but don't think I'll risk it, in case I go face-first into my laptop 😏  Maybe I should catch up on my survey invites instead❓ 👌

I've taken all my pills until tonight, so I'll see how many invites I've got and then decide on the studying... hold on.

Back now.  I've got 3 invites, so I'll do those then see how I feel after that.  I've already got the news sorted and to his credit, Steve's got most of the site stuff done, so we shall see if I really do go over to the in-laws or not on Christmas Day after all.  He's got the site and a piece of software to finish in 5 days, so we shall see.

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