Sunday 20 December 2020

I've been taking the B complex and Iron for...

...a year now, 'cos I had to get Steve to open a new tub of both of 'em this morning, after I'd taken my pills and refilled the pill organiser like I do every Sunday.  


I had 6 B complexes and a single Iron left, so I'm glad I put that huuuuge yearly order in a little while ago. It's about £75 a year, but for that price I get a years supply of Calcium, a year's supply of Iron, a year's supply of vitamin B complex and a years supply of multi-vitamins which is just under £20 for a year's supply of each of them, which you won't find anywhere on the High Street... that'd prolly be a couple of months supply price rather than 360 days.  


I swear by Simply Supplements and have done for the last 20 years❗

I've just realised that I've been using the pill organiser for over a year (according to my account, I ordered it on 5th December 2019 so it was delivered on the 6th and started using on the 7th) now and for a cheap (under £7 and on Prime) plastic thing that I've used every day, it's done amazingly well❗  I'll definitely be investing in another one when the plastic starts to weaken... that'll hopefully be a while yet though, 'cos it's still almost like new after a year.

Moving on to other things now, my daily virus scan has just finished and I'm still free of nasties, Steve's making our breakfast and we're having raisins (or is it sultanas❓) on it instead of sugar today, so that's one of our 5-a-day before 9am which is good going by us, considering we usually struggle to get that a day❗  


We've decided to make use of Morrison's as our treat shop 'cos their products are sooo good, just a touch out of my price range for our weekly shop or when we can't get a slot at Sainsbury's (for example, over Christmas and New Year), but their food is incredible quality - Steve loves their ham trimmings and can get two meals out of each box, their bread is gorgeously soft and their vegatarian stuff is incredible❗

Sounds like the porridge is almost ready to be dished up now, so I'll publish this then go and grab my bowl.  BBL.

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