Sunday 27 December 2020


Been up for 13 hours and not made a single post all day!

I've taken all of my day-time pills, refilled my pill box, had my breakfast and lunch, taken delivery of my Christmas pressies from C that I only ordered yesterday and were supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, ordered a new bra in hopefully the right size, taken the rubbish and recycling out, charged up my mobile phone and cleared my browser cache's ready for tomorrow's monthly deep virus scan so I'll have to leave my laptop running overnight and do a total backup of everything on my laptop on Tuesday, as long as I'm still virus free.


Done my exercises and coded them into the appropriate page.  Gonna do one more week of spreadsheets on the 2020 page then do the 2021 page.  It was amazingly easy to put the updated spreadsheet back onto my phone for some reason today... I just saved the files from the email, replaced the ones that were there already, opened up each shortcut et voila!


Our groceries are being delivered tomorrow, so won't be able to study then, but hopefully I'll be able to crack on with it on Tuesday instead.

Taken my last two pills of the day now, so gonna scoff the final 3 mince pies of the season then head to bed for the night, in preparation for another early start in the morning.

Doubt there will be any more blog posts from me this evening, so I'll say goodnight to you all now.  See you all at some point tomorrow... hopefully before I head to bed lol

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