Wednesday 2 December 2020

That's me dosed up for this morning

Just taken my morning pills so I'm all dosed up until lunchtime now, when our groceries are being delivered, then I'll have me lunch and I can study all afternoon.  


The virus scan is underway and I remembered not to open my email programmes when I logged in, so my day is going OK so far.  As soon as the scan is finished, I'll set my back-ups going and then I've just gotta remember to set the restore point then the afternoon is all mine.

I've snapped this weeks grocery receipt into my Shoppix app and done a spring clean of all the other receipts that I'd been storing away, so I've only got this week's receipt on my set of drawers now.

Gonna have me brekkie then start studying a short-ish (3-4 hour) course about social inequality I reckon, so that I can do the 10-15 hour web business and marketing course as soon as I come down here tomorrow.

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