Monday 28 December 2020

News for 28th December 2020

Just a single piece of news today that's very important to me:

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28th December 2020

"I received a letter that ended a long-term friendship. I realised, I am not good friend material." - Amanda's comment: Yep, even though I'm not a mum and neither are the two friends who say to me that I can talk to them whenever I need to, I feel exactly the same way as this mum. For the last two years (according to a Facebook message I posted in 2019 and again this year), there are plenty of empty promises from friends... one of them lasts, on average, 5 messages before things are back to them again, another friend it's 3 messages and on the forum I don't get any replies at all when I'm suicidal yet they seem to expect me to be there for them constantly.

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