Tuesday 29 December 2020

Taken all my day-time pills now, so...

...I'm all set and ready to meet the day head-on now.

The virus scan is still plodding along, so I'll have to have zoop for lunch today instead of the burgers 'cos I won't be able to put my laptop on the floor again.

I've just said to Steve about putting the electricity in my name so that I can deal with that debt and it's one less thing for him to worry about.  He reckon's it'll just be a phone call, but I bet he doesn't make that call today.  Again.  I'm fed up of Steve getting the credit for things I do and pay for, so I want the electricity to be in my name, not his, just like with the groceries... bet he'll still take credit for it though, just like with the gifts!

Gonna try and study today, 'cos there aren't any visitors or deliveries due.  I'm working my way down from the top of the list, so today's course'll be a 4 modular one that's text-based, so I'll be taking lots of notes today.  There are multiple single module ones after that though, so I'll hopefully be able to remember what I've learnt without needing to take notes for those ones.

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